Hiddlesbatch!I ship le Hiddles and le Batch. They are going to have gaybies and polish their cheekbones. I am wholocked! :)

When fan gets to talk to Benedict. 

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❝…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?❞
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I’m writing a modern version of Romeo and Juliet for english class and I’m making them dumb teenagers like they should be and I thought tumblr might appreciate some excerpts from my planning document




Oh yeah and romeo’s going to be sulking about rosaline friendzoning him at the start

I’m really trying to emphasise the ‘stupid kids’ thing here

This is perfect

the holy trinity

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Nailed it. [interview]

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I just love the idea of the police officer who arrested them on the stag night trying to put sherlock and john in different cells but sherlock wrapping himself around john and yelling that he can’t be separated from his blogger so the officer just gives up and throws them in together

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Are you TRYING to give me heart failure?

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